Damo Day Chicago – We Charge Genocide

In the build up to Damo Day, which was a day of remembrance for the murder of Dominque Franklin Jr. by the hands of Chicago Police Department (CPD), We Charge Genocide held another installment of Radical Education about arts and activism for the community of Chicago.I was requested by the local grassroots and organizations to…

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Exxon Hates – Street Art Wheatpaste Campaign

While running the Mayday space art as a creative director I was contacted through mutual associates about Exxon Hates needing a way to distribute their campaign other than the traditional paid advertising avenues. I gladly accepted this opportunity to flex in the street art realm to help bring these messages to the city of New…

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Standing Rock #NODAPL Interchangeable Banners

These banners with interchangeable messaging were created in Standing Rock during the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). They are stenciled and made up of our sacred colors with personal messages to the next 7 Generations and comprised of the handprints of the Indigenous children and adults from Oceti Sakowin. Handprints are one of…

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Wall Off Trump – Republican National Convention

That time when we blocked the entrances to the republican national convention with a half mile wall to contain the racism of Donald Trump and his racist supporters inside. Every single government and law enforcement agency was present and on high alert anticipating and looking for a physical wall but what they weren’t expecting to…

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Santa Fe New Mexico Palestinian Solidarity Wall

This images are a part of the process for creating the street art installation that now temporarily lives in Santa Fe on Old Pecos Trail. Please see the subsequent post and video regarding the story of these pieces.   #Palestine #Palestinian #Solidarity #FarisOdeh #MuhammedAlDurrah #FawziAlJunaidi

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