Standing Rock #NODAPL Interchangeable Banners

Project Description

These banners with interchangeable messaging were created in Standing Rock during the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). They are stenciled and made up of our sacred colors with personal messages to the next 7 Generations and comprised of the handprints of the Indigenous children and adults from Oceti Sakowin. Handprints are one of our very first forms of visual communications on this continent. It felt only right to take this design back to our roots. The banners were involved in many a ceremony and also one of the most poignant direct actions in Standing Rock in which I brought together some of the most historically documented resistance organizations and groups – American Indian Movement, The Brown Berets, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ2S leaders and LA RED a faith-based organization. More about these banners and that action coming soon. Stay tuned.

These banners are explained in detail on the video:

Standing Rock: For All Generations –

Project Details

Tags: Banners, Design, Drone, Environment, Human Rights, Standing Rock, Street Art

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