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Global Solar Water Powered Systems – SPX Global Iraq

In the beginning of the second Gulf War, occupation forces bombed all of Iraq’s infrastructure including their water systems making safe, clean drinking water inaccessible to innocent men, women and children trapped inside the war zone created around them. During that time, 70% of the population in Iraq was without adequate water supplies and 80% lacked adequate sanitation.

The World Health Organization declared that access to clean safe drinking water is a human right. Worldwide, 2 million people die every year due to water borne diseases, more than 60% of those deaths are innocent children.

In response to this crisis, 325 SPX Tracker UF (ultra filtration) systems were deployed to purify 1.8 million gallons of surface water per day to meet the basic fresh water needs of over 300,000 Iraqis. The SPX Tracker UF is a trailer mounted ultra filtration system which is self contained and fully powered through a solar tracking system. The system designed incorporated a nine stage filtration process which basically turns sludge into clean safe drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization standards.


IINA Solutions – Plateau Solar Project

The life of a rural underprivileged elder is a constant state of survival. Rural off-grid residents must haul water and wood on rough dirt roads at least twice a week just to survive. Their only light source is usually a kerosene lamp. Life is much harder for those without indoor plumbing and a means to get to water, wood, medical services, and the lack of refrigeration for foods and medicines. “We took all of these challenges into consideration in designing the EMPUS building and our project approach”, said Elsa Johnson, Director, IINA Solutions.

Plateau Solar Project is the first comprehensive and clean energy solution to elderly Native Americans living off grid. It brings electricity, water and sanitation to underserved and disabled elders given that electrical grid expansion to rural areas is very costly for the tribal government. The project comes in Three Phases and utilizes many forms of solar energy.

High efficiency solar photovoltaic power modules, solar thermal hot air modules for space heating, hot water panels, solar water purification, solar water pumping, solar gray water systems, solar powered composting toilets, solar powered cooling, ventilation, and solar powered communication. It includes a climate controlled structure, the Enertopia Multi-Purpose Utility Structure (EMPUS), a patented product by Global Solar Water Power Systems. This cutting edge technology also includes the ability to communicate to the Native American elder about what issue may be causing the system from performing 100% in their own language.

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Client: SPX Global Iraq and IINA Solutions

Tags: Environment, Human Rights, Installations

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