Not1More ICE Shutdown

Project Description

America’s immigration policies have done one thing very well… keep our prison populations at capacity. When you understand that this is a for profit institution collecting bonuses for meeting maximum quotas, you make the connection that the corporations lobbying and pushing these policies are the very same ones reaping the bonuses.

This is done without regard to the taxpayer which leaves them to foot the bill making the prison industrial complex rich by keeping their cells full. Incarcerating people fleeing abysmal war-like conditions often perpetuated by corporations through the taking of their homeland’s natural resources, industries and farmlands through similar policies, inevitably forces people to migrate to lands of opportunity.

Researching the history of any Central American or South American country will eventually reveal the colonial imprint of a corporate boot closely followed by an M-16. Migration of all living beings is a fundamental right that should be guaranteed to all planetary species especially if their very existence is at stake.

As movement artists, we deal hope through our creations. Reflecting back, I can’t say I ever remember seeing the fist of resistance and the butterfly of migration merge together in this way but it seemed necessary for this instance.

The last picture in this series was a powerful moment when the community most at risk including a young mother and her baby danced in cultural defiance right in the belly of the beast blocking the exit for ICE vehicles underneath one my creations.

This is what and who I create for.

Project Details

Client: Not1More Movement

Tags: Banners, Design, Human Rights, Immigration

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