Guerrilla Marketing Campaign – PNM Energy

Project Description

For this particular project I was contracted to create a guerrilla marketing campaign against the energy services company, PNM (Public Service Company of New Mexico) using all their imagery. In 2015, PNM invested more than half a billion dollars in its coal plant, the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS). It was the local New Mexico position that PNM should close the dirty climate-altering unreliable coal plant because it was not cost effective compared to solar and wind investments; and ratepayers would save hundreds of millions of dollars to switch to renewables; and that we’d create thousands of jobs in a new energy economy.

In the last 10 years, when PNM, with an energy portfolio of 50% coal, 30% nuclear, 10% gas, 8% wind and 2% solar, was making the 654% profits it was stuffing the pockets of its CEO with $5 million a year and enjoying stock value increases of 300%, they didn’t share any profits with New Mexicans. To highlight this injustice, this project required a flexing of graphic design skills for not only for news print but also for a large billboard along a major highway between Santa Fe and and Albuquerque New Mexico. Normally when doing billboard “work” back in the day, it wasn’t paid and wasn’t licensed. So this project was art coming full circle so don’t ever let them tell you that crime doesn’t pay.

Started from the bottom….now we just a little bit above the bottom 🙂

Project Details

Tags: Design, Environment, Installations

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