Exxon Hates – Street Art Wheatpaste Campaign

Project Description

While running the Mayday space art as a creative director I was contacted through mutual associates about Exxon Hates needing a way to distribute their campaign other than the traditional paid advertising avenues. I gladly accepted this opportunity to flex in the street art realm to help bring these messages to the city of New York before The People’s Climate March in September of 2014. My proposals to Exxon Hates consisted of well thought out delivery means and mechanisms that distributed signage both in and outside of the subways system. Each proposal presented ensured the teams participating could safely distribute and return home at the end of the night. Due to security culture these methods, techniques and deployments will not be discussed publicly.

After being given the green light to move forward on my proposals, I assembled teams to wheatpaste highly visible areas of car and foot traffic throughout New York City. If you were in the area, you probably saw some of these pasted in or around the subways before The People’s Climate March. There aren’t many street art techniques that I can’t get down with and this is one medium I love expanding my knowledge base with. Many thanks to Exxon Hates for allowing me to flex in this fashion and play through out New York. Ju – you are the truth, thank you for all your help.

Project Details

Client: The Other 98%, Oil Change International, Environmental Action

Tags: Branding, Environment, People's Climate March, Street Art

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